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Fibre… the long kiss goodbye.

copacabana (1000x1000)So here’s the thing… and you will have seen this coming if you follow my podcast, or visit me at shows…

I have been and am becoming more allergic to handling fibre (more the processing of it than anything). Those light, floating fibres and sheepy smells affect my breathing and eczema in a bigger way now… and so whilst I have known it for a while, that day has finally come when I need to start making changes to the stock I hold and the products I sell.

From now on the main focus of Sara’s Texture Crafts will be yarn.

I will be selling down and not replacing the following fibre based items;

I will keep up with a limited supply of Hand Dyed Tops and Exclusive Blends for the time being…. but I will no-longer be dyeing to order… what you see available will be all there is until a future update. This will help me consolidate all fibre handling to a blocked time period, so I can take the necessary precautions.

It will mean that next year I will attend less shows, as I usually do a lot of fibre related shows. I may replace them with Yarn shows in the future. It will also mean I will not be teaching fibre related classes, other than those already booked.

It breaks my heart to have to make this decision, but it is one I cannot avoid.

So if there is any fibre you like to buy, or can’t do without… please buy up as much as you need now.

End October 2016 Update – Since the release of this post I have had to take the decision to stop ALL fibre going forward. The remaining fibre i have left is now available in my SALE area at 

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Summer Clearance Sale – Up to 40% off!

Summer Clearance Sale!
Summer Clearance Sale – Aug 4th to Aug 31st

It’s summer and a chance to take stock now that my Spring shows are over. So what better way to celebrate than have a big ‘ol clean up here at HQ!

I have lots of lines on sale;

  • Yarns in 4ply, DK and Aran.
  • Hand Dyed Tops
  • Exclusive Blended Tops
  • Batts
  • Rolags
  • Pick n Mix fibres
  • Merino
  • Knitting Kits (great for storing away for Christmas… there I said it… shoot me!)
  • Spinning Kits

These are discounted by as much as 40%!

That’s right 40%.

Why such a big clear out… well, I want to update my offer with new colourways, new bases, new patterns and so some of the older stuff needs to go. I also have some website work to do behind the scenes, so clearing as much excess stock as I can will really keep down the man hours and free me up for dyeing.

So, I need your help… 

I never have a sale this big, so please buy as much as you need and if you don’t need anything please shout about it and tell all of your friends!

Sara x

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