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Tips on Spinning with Colourful Batts

Batt from Colour Club £5.30 per 50g
I often get asked, ‘how do I spin a very colourful batt?’ Today I hope to be able to give you my easiest tips… after all colourful batts can be a real joy to work with!
Firstly, don’t be afraid of bright colour mixes and things you think might be too bold to wear. Spinning can often change how these colours appear in a finished yarn and selecting different ways to spin and ply can change these further.
My best tip is to look at the batt you have… in this case I am using something from my Colour Club.
You can see in this batt that there are several colours… 3 bright merino and one deep, natural Ryeland shade, which also has a different texture.
In this case I like to keep things very simple and work with either a basic 2 ply weight at about a 4ply, or Dk weight. Usually the resulting yarn wouldn’t be so fine that it muddles the colours. It also wouldn’t be too fine to obscure the nature of the textural differences.
However, you could also make use of the complexity of the batt and preserve it by spinning a single and plying it against one or two machine sewing threads…
You will find it gives a fun, colourful yarn that would be great to knit with!
Next month I aim to show you a finished project with this yarn… stay tuned!
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