My New Book: How to Buy, Knit and Care for Indie Dyed Yarns

COVER IMAGE (768x960)This is a guide to hand dyed yarn and helps knitters who want to understand how dye techniques might knit up.

Today as knitters we are bombarded with a wealth of choice in yarns, thanks to the internet. This increase in choice has made it far easier to find yarns designed and created by independent artists, known as ‘indie dyers’. Indie dyed yarns are often more expensive per skein and therefore a more considered purchase. With this in mind I wanted to help demystify some of the techniques and pattern choices available and give you tips on buying and selecting the perfect yarn for your project.

You will never be afraid to try something hand dyed again!

This book is aimed at the layman and is not a dyeing book, so you don’t need to have years of experience working with yarn. Instead this book will help you source new yarns perfect for that special project you have in mind.

Buy it now at

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Fibre… the long kiss goodbye.

copacabana (1000x1000)So here’s the thing… and you will have seen this coming if you follow my podcast, or visit me at shows…

I have been and am becoming more allergic to handling fibre (more the processing of it than anything). Those light, floating fibres and sheepy smells affect my breathing and eczema in a bigger way now… and so whilst I have known it for a while, that day has finally come when I need to start making changes to the stock I hold and the products I sell.

From now on the main focus of Sara’s Texture Crafts will be yarn.

I will be selling down and not replacing the following fibre based items;

I will keep up with a limited supply of Hand Dyed Tops and Exclusive Blends for the time being…. but I will no-longer be dyeing to order… what you see available will be all there is until a future update. This will help me consolidate all fibre handling to a blocked time period, so I can take the necessary precautions.

It will mean that next year I will attend less shows, as I usually do a lot of fibre related shows. I may replace them with Yarn shows in the future. It will also mean I will not be teaching fibre related classes, other than those already booked.

It breaks my heart to have to make this decision, but it is one I cannot avoid.

So if there is any fibre you like to buy, or can’t do without… please buy up as much as you need now.

End October 2016 Update – Since the release of this post I have had to take the decision to stop ALL fibre going forward. The remaining fibre i have left is now available in my SALE area at 

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