Loyalty Points: I offer reward points to customers who have accounts with Sara’s Texture Crafts. Points are gained as purchases are made from the website, or by phone. Show orders do not qualify.

So sign up for an account when you make your next order!

Reward Rates = 1 point to every £1 spent excluding shipping. Each point represents £0.01. This value can be discounted from your next website order at the checkout, as soon as you have gained 100 points. Please note that reward points cannot be exchanged for cash, or used on other forums and situations, other than a completed on-line sale at www.SarasTextureCrafts.com. Cancellations will result in forfeit of points earned. Exchanges and refunds may be forfeit depending on the unique situation. The balance of your reward points will be available in your account. Please note it may take some time for new reward points to show up in your account after completed orders.

Redemption: Your points will show up at the checkout where you can decide to use them, or save them once you reach your 100 points. Please complete the full checkout, as this information will be missing if you opt for the express Paypal option (although this will not affect point collection).